Diving in on Faith

People always tell me I'm impulsive.  They consider it a weakness, but in delving into our October's book I AM by Matt Fry, I am embracing that as a strength.  Have you ever played those trust exercises when you fall back and have a friend catch you?  Perhaps even a group exercise where you have climbed onto a stage and fell back into your group to catch you? Did they catch you, or did you fall?  

Jesus said I AM the bread of life and Matt Fry elaborates that the bread in which Jesus speaks is about faith.  While others say impulsive, I see perpetual trust exercises. A decision or opportunity presents itself and I dive headfirst in because I have faith He will always catch me.  Good or bad choice, I have faith everything will be ok: except picking the correct food from the menu in a timely manner. Who does that? Not me!.... As the old song goes, "He's still working on me!"

Anyway, did you know you can download Matt Fry's first chapter free of charge?  Just like with Pringles: I bet ya can't have just one!

I am satisfied in Christ that I AM faithfully impulsive. Buy a box, purchase the book, or at least download his free chapter and please share below what "I AM the bread" means to you personally. 

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