Happy Valentine's Day!

The week began with wondrous plans filled to the brim of meticulous scheduling to finally get everything on that to do list done.  Down to the vacuuming and dusting she had written in her calendar with delegations among her family for holiday preparation.  First things first though: it was time to admit she failed yet another year to remove Christmas in a timely fashion.  So badly, this year, in fact, her oldest son and herself even contemplated just adding hearts into the garlands of red and golden ornament balls!  Alas, her plans became thwarted again.  Her cram it all in Monday, instead hit the back seat to help a friend in need and her sick kiddo. And, that's okay, because friends in need are always more important than silly to do lists.  

Tuesday! Tuesday would be the day to give the gift of a clean and unChristmased house for Valentine's!  Apparently, the only gift receiving in this house would become the first case of flu within these walls in over a decade.  No momma can resist her hurting child wanting to be held; so rocking, cuddling, and no sleeping became, instead, the calendar for the week.  That meant no grocery shopping, no valentine making, no baking, no elaborate cooking, and just plain no fun! 

Thank goodness for understanding siblings and grandmas who bake valentine cookies and bring valentine goodies for the day to not be completely lost for them.  But, also, thank goodness that we've been learning in our February devotionals about grounding ourselves in God's love rather than earthly love because today was just not a day for a girl to focus on or celebrate the earthly love of her husband of 14 years or children.  Sometimes, Valentine's isn't in roses and chocolate with candlelight dinners.  Sometimes, love is seen most in pharmacy trips and bringing home grocery store pizzas because Momma's got a migraine on top of a sick kiddo and everyone else boycotted more chicken soup.  Sometimes, life's reality of love is digging out and snaking the drains from outside, in the dark, of a cold February night to save the bathroom floor from the water backing up and overflowing of the drains from a certain toddler flushing fun items down the toilet....  And sometimes life is just plain too messy to have time to celebrate it... at all... so, instead, we celebrate that it's just another day because we have God's love every single moment: no roses required.   Why?  Because I may or may not have some Christmas still up to remind me that he loved me so much that sent his son as my Savior!  

John 3:16 For God so love the world that he sent his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  

Our focus on God's love kept us from disappointment of an earthly holiday celebrating love. So if you too did not have the greatest of Valentine's, just know you are not alone and that's ok!  In the end, it's just a day.  Do you have a funny story or major holiday mishap that kept, or almost kept you from enjoying the day? Feel free to share!  

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