New Beginnings

And in the blink of an eye, over a month has passed with no paper to pen, no hands to keyboard, and no thumbs to phone. With Christmas honored and the New Year rung, most of us are finding ourselves back at the grindstone. Is anyone else like me, whose New Year Resolutions are already waning in spite of such firm affirmations just weeks ago?  I do find myself struggling to hold firm to my resolutions. 

There, in those two letters of M and Y, is my downfall.  I have a bad tendency to try to do everything on my own.  I don't want to burden other people, or if I delegate, I'm just going to have to fix it right behind them anyway, so I might as well just do it myself.  Does this sound familiar?  Surely, I'm not alone!  However, 18 years ago, I was blessed with a built in STOP button! Two little words stop me in my tracks when I try to do it all.  Those words are Autoimmune Disease.  Anytime I push too long, too often; it simply stops me in my tracks and forces me to rest and re-evaluate my actions and priorities.  The culprit?  I tend to forget that God's got all this much better than myself! He has been faithful and just to answer my prayers in healing me over and over again. Perhaps it's not ironic that we've been reading through Job in our bible through a year plan.  Whatever trials which may be my path, I have faith there is a reason. 

InspiredtoCreateJoy's January Devotional by Melissa Simpson, along with Hello Morning's New Beginnings out of our January Kit have been every lesson I need to visit during my recoup time.  Every moment, we have the choice and the ability to begin anew! As my health restores, He also restoreth my soul in preparation to hold my New Year Resolutions strong. One of those resolutions is to prevent a relapse again! Another resolution to keep ME out of the equation.

The last two weekends, the world in my neck of the woods has become blanketed in a winter wonderland of snow and ice, slowing down life.  I can't help but thank God for the icy roads for it has allowed me time to replenish my physical and spiritual health.  As I sit enjoying the flavor of my coffee, watching the sunset reflect across the ice christened field and wood, I have to ask. Is there anything more beautiful than the quiet of a snowcovered countryside?  Job Indeed!  Chapter 37: 6-7

"He directs the snow to fall on the earth and tells the rain to pour down. 7 Then everyone stops working so they can watch his power." 

Share the most beautiful thing God has created in your world today in our comments! 

  • Dottie Bachtell says...

    My loving husband!

    On January 24, 2019

  • Liz says...

    It wasn’t something I saw. Rather, it was something I heard! At church today our worship team really did a great job. Sometimes it just takes me to another place because it is so beautiful. I just close my eyes and enjoy the sweet sound. Also, it was as if all the songs were for me 💜 I raised my hand to heaven thanking him for his faithfulness. What a beautiful service. God was with us 💜💜💜💜💜

    On January 24, 2019

  • Dorte Gensky says...

    Winter is a beautiful time , at least for me , I always have enjoyed it , this season we seem to have a milder Winter which is still cold enough for me , I thank God for the snow , He is cleansing the earth , just like Jesus cleansed us ….. white as snow

    I thank God that he continues to help me with my “ eating disorder” , it might not look like a disorder to some but it is too me , Jesus has healed my wrists( osteoarthritis) , and He will make sure that I get to keep my health, I focus on Him , not my problems

    I am doing good with my resolutions , so far , hope I can stick to it : — only buy what is needed , not what is wanted —

    Have a blessed evening

    On January 24, 2019

  • Marisol Cisneros says...

    Wow this spoke to me I needed this thank you

    On January 24, 2019

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