Imperfect Perfection

My space prepared, my tools at hand, my coffee poured, and I open my bible and Devotional ready for inspiration.  There was only one problem.  Not one idea came.  I did all the actions except being open to the lesson at hand.  

You see, I wanted these memory making, awe creating magical moments teaching my children how to journal.  What closed off my heart?  It could have been the fight I had with my son that writing really won't kill him.  It could have also been the frustration of realizing the girls hadn't done their chores before we sat down for devotions.  Perhaps, the ultimate moment of destruction came when my 3 year old knocked over my entire cup of coffee across my bible study and bible. 

Sometimes, the most important lessons come without an actual lesson plan.  I don't have to be perfect and have all my ducks in a row before spending time with God.  I get so caught up in doing things 'right' that I forget that learning imperfectly is a perfection in itself.  My very drive to do things 'right' is what drives a wedge in my relationship with Christ, and in turn, my children.  It's no wonder I stared at blank pages; because I couldn't hear!  

As I mopped up the coffee and salvaged my pages, His lesson hit me.  As Psalm 107:43 says,

"Whoever is wise will observe all these things and they will understand the loving kindness of the Lord."

Now, I'm not all that wise. I definitely have to be reminded of this moment often, but I'd rather be imperfect and perfect in the moment with my kiddos than stuck trying for perfection while making us all miserable.  Sometimes it just takes me a while to remember! What do you know?  Those coffee stained pages are making for a great tea stained idea of art for our journaling.  God was creating a palette for us within an important realization learned.  Who says he hasn't a sense of humor!  My oldest son will continue to fight against writing because he's a preteen boy, but we can compromise to copying verses.  My girls will still procrastinate against their chores, but they'll get done eventually, and my toddler will always be a mess waiting to happen.  What I can do is change my own attitude and embrace our imperfection.  As cliche as it is, there really is no use crying over spilt...... coffee.... 


Has there been a time you've been so caught up in getting everything a certain way, that you've missed the boat too? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below. 

  • Lisa says...

    I used to be that girl, the one who had to have everything perfect. One day I looked at my hands in frustration and realized there were “no holes” in my hands from suffering and that’s when I knew that with perfection I didn’t need Jesus. I will never be perfect but I will always have His perfect guidance

    On January 28, 2019

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