About Us

What is Yada Missions?

          Yada Missions is a Christian based Journaling and Family Lifestyle  subscription box. Featuring products ranging from devotions, family games, Faith inspired family movies, journaling supplies, games, devotionals, crafts, treats and just about any other family inspired product suited for today's modern family. PDE’s brands will range from high-profile line to small independent brands and everything in between.


Yada Missions History

            PDE was created for families to grow closer and discover new ways to engage and learn about God. Through games, devotions, movie time and more our company is driven through your family’s passion to grow closer In your faith. We created a way to play and grow together while learning about compassion, grace and love through it all.

            One of the most unique features of the PDE Box is the Box itself. It is actually a multipurpose bin that serves not only as a shipping feature but also designed to recycle and reuse in your everyday life.

            By now you may have noticed  Yada Missions is not just an ordinary box. Yada Missions was created on Purpose for a Purpose. Families growing closer in their faith is our Purpose.


Yada Missions Promises

          -To show Gods Love and Create the opportunity for families to grow their relationships together.

            -To give a sense a exploration/wonder mixed with inspiration, fun and growth through trying new things and creating memories while doing so.

            -Quality products with a meaningful message.