Ready to Fly, Jamie Grace


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Ready to Fly showcases Jamie Grace’s musical talent and unique vocals. It’s been two years since the Atlanta, Georgia native’s last project, One Song at a Time, and here on her sophomore effort, she lets us in on more of her fascinating backstory and explores more popular, mature topics like dating, marriage, and overcoming fears and obstacles in life.

She doesn’t let us go, however, without telling us a little bit about Avery, the 11-year old Jamie Grace fan who passed away in an automobile accident in October 2012. This young girl was “in love with Jesus,” as Jamie put it — or, to quote Avery herself, “I really am a God girl.” That was the last thing she ever said to her family.

During her funeral, “Ready to Fly (Prelude)” (from Jamie Grace’s first album) was played in honor of this girl.

But the story of Avery doesn’t end there. Her legacy continues to live on. Her family started “Avery Day Ministries” following her death. The short life Avery lived here on earth has indirectly brought so many people to Christ thanks to the ministry her family created in her name.

And about Jamie Grace? Well, Avery’s story touched Jamie so much that she named this album after “Ready to Fly (Prelude)” (that song they played at Avery’s funeral) and dedicated the title song here (an extended version of the Prelude they played at the funeral) specifically to the girl.

JG later wrote about Avery, the album name, and the entire concept of Ready to Fly:

“Though we never met, Avery taught me so much. ‘Ready to Fly’ [meaning ‘the concept of the prelude song’] was never about me… God used Avery’s life to remind us that we don’t know when God is going to call us home or open or close a door in our lives. We have to serve Him daily and trust Him always so when His timing is right, we’ll be ready