Vertical Worship


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Based in Chicago, Vertical Worship is a collective of worship leaders & songwriters from multiple campuses across Harvest Bible Chapel. After 4 records, the band has gone back into their catalog of songs and chosen some of their favorites to take into the studio and create a collection of songs that reimagine new expressions of these timeless truths.

Featuring Spirit Of The Living God, Lamb of God, and Open Up The Heavensamong other well known songs from the previous 5 years, these songs come from a place of believing that worshipping Jesus Christ is best done not when we just sing about Him or what He has done or what He will do in the future. The highest and best worship is modeled by what the angels do: Sing to God about God. Vertical.

Open Up the Heavens
Do What You Want To Do
Lamb of God
Exalted Over All
The Rock Won't Move
Found In You
1,000 Tongues
Spirit Of The Living God
God You Are My God
I'm Going Free (Jailbreak)